National Academy Science Letters

( Vol. 30, No. 7 & 8, 2007 )



Editors' Page

Lead Articles

Rice genome and beyond

Akhilesh K. Tyagi.... 191

Metal-Organic Framework (MOF): A novel class of porous materials

            Lallan Mishra, Rishikesh Prajapati and Girjesh Govil... 197

Science & Technology Policy Issues

A modern 3.6 meter new technology optical telescope as a major national initiative in Astrophysics 

            Ram Sagar ... 209

Mangroves of Orissa coast : Status, exploitation and conservation strategies for sustainable development 

            Chiranjibi Pattanaik, C. Sudhakar Reddy and P. Manikya Reddy ... 213

Medicianl legumes at the service of mankind 

            C.P. Shukla ... 217

Short Research Communications

Integrated management of soil pests of potato in higher hills of Himachal Pradesh

            V.K. Chandla and R.S. Chandel... 221

Bioremediation of waste water by two anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria  

            Ramchander Merugu, M.S.K. Prasad, D. Vasavi, S. Girisham and S.M. Reddy... 223

Regeneration of some carbonyl compounds using their derivatives under microwave irradiation

           Mamta Likhamawat, Murli Dhar Soni, Ritu Vyas, Vinod K. Sharma, Pinki B. Punjabi and Suresh C. Ameta...229

The exact distribution of the time of AIDS

            Saralees Nadarajah...233

Maximum entropy condition in queueing system M/M/1 : /FCFS 

            S.N. Singh, Jyoti Jaiswal and S.B. Tiwari...237

Lochon catalysed D-D fusion in  deuterated palladium in the solid state 

            K.P. Sinha, F.N.A.Sc., and A. Meulenberg..243

Tissue specific response of antioxidant defence systems of rat to experimentally-induced hyperthyroidism

            Dipak K. Sahoo and G.B.N. Chainy..247