National Academy Science Letters

( Vol. 28, No. 7 & 8, 2005 )





Editors' Page


Lead Articles/Overviews of New Developments

Rural resources: Decentralized development

Anil P. Joshi...227

Science & Technology Development and Policy Issue

Science and Technology in India: Policy perspective

A.P. Mishra, B.P. Singh, V Rao Aiyagari and R.P. Rastogi…235


Terrestrial vegetation and ecosystem coverage within Indian protected areas

G.S. Rawat…241

Short Research Communications

Study of the heavy metals mobility in different soils, affecting vegetation

Dinesh Mani and Chitranjan Kumar…251

Root formation in stem cuttings of Quercus g!auca Thunb. and Q. floribunda Lindl. : Oaks from the Indian Central Himalaya

V K. Purohit, L.M S. Pa!ni and S. K. Nandi…259

Resonance quantification in organic and inorganic azides from vibrational spectral data

H.S. Randhawa, B.S. Sekhon and Hardeep Kaur Randhawa…263

Sequential coronations of graphs

G. Santhosh…269

Certain properties of Mn/Gl1 queuing system relevant to inventory process

S.N. Singh and Rekha Tiwari…271


Electrophoretic analyses of pseudobranchial neurosecretory  proteins from selected teleosts

L. Yadav, B. P. Mohanty and A. Gopesh ...273

Laboratory selection to investigate the development of resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis H-14 in Culex quinquefasciatus Say (Diptera : Culicidae )

P.K. Mittal, T. Adak ant! S.K. Subbarao ...281


The effects of frequent shutdowns of cement factory on circadian rhythms in subjective drowsiness, fatigue and attention of shift workers

Arti Parganiha and A.K. Pati... 285


Academy News

Summer School 2005



Dr. Raja Ramanna : A brief bio-memoir

M.G.K. Menon ...295